July 5, 2014

Roma, 18-19 febbraio 2014: Kick-off meeting del progetto ENPI “Future of our past” (FOP)


On February 18 and 19th, 2014 the kick-off meeting of the ENPI project “Future of the Past” (FOP), leaded by the Italian Geographical Society (SGI) in which UNIMED is partner, took place in Rome at the premises of the SGI.

The main objectives of the project is the creation of a systemic approach to knowledge, protection, management, tourism development and application centers historical (HC) in the Mediterranean countries involved. 

The overall objective is sharing among the countries of the Mediterranean, a model of cross-border socio-economic cooperation, aimed at the development and promotion of tourism development and management of the cultural and environmental heritage of these countries.

In general, the activities of the project will be implemented in the following countries: Italy (Costiera Amalfitana), Egypt (Alexandria), Spain (Cordoba), Malta (La Valletta), the Palestinian Authority (Bethlehem), Tunisia (Monastir), Lebanon (Beirut) .

The UNIMED associated universities, Lebanese University of Beirut and Alexandria University of Egypt, are also partners of this project.

To know more on the kick-off meeting, please download here the agenda.