March 20, 2024

Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon: a new project just launched


Last February 12th, 2024 the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and the consortium partners – whose UNIMED – launched the project Social Entrepreneurship in time of crisis (SE.TC).

In a period of unprecedented crisis that affects the economic, political, governmental and social sectors in Lebanon, the project aims to improve the economic situation in the country, through the training and coaching of teachers and students, to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and culture. Empowerment through acquiring entrepreneurial skills is the solution to unemployment, with a special focus on social entrepreneurship. Dedicated to serving the common good, the main objective is to empower teachers-trainers and students and enhance their innovative pedagogical approaches for the growth of social entrepreneurship, micro-businesses, and early-stage start-ups in rural regions in Lebanon. 

As for the indirect effect, the project will encourage dialogue and exchange with local suppliers, empower customers, enhance competition, and create job opportunities which will reflect better employment, and an improvement of the economic, social and environmental sustainability in the long run.

The project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, sees the involvement of 4 Lebanese universities and 3 European partners, joining forces to support social entrepreneurship in Lebanon’s north, Bekaa and South region.

The event was the occasion to present the objectives, activities and execution strategy of SE.TC, being also a moment for participants to better understand the background of the project, meet each other, define roles and responsibilities, as well as setting the expectations, generating enthusiasm and inspiring confidence. The presentations exposed during the session aimed to highlight the importance of the Erasmus+ contribution to higher education, and underscore the impact of Social Entrepreneurship within higher education, students, universities and communities.

SE.TC. aims to advance in the development of human capital, encourage social entrepreneurial activities and establish effective pathways to youth employment in strategic cooperation with different stakeholders, in vulnerable communities. 

The SE.TC. project is framed within the UNIMED activities on entrepreneurship and employability, and sustainable development, which are among the priorities of the network.