June 8, 2020

The SubNetwork on Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures is official!

UNIMED SubNetworks are growing: UNIMED has recently launched its new SubNetwork on Safety and Security of Critical InfrastructuresCritical infrastructures characterize different social, industrial and productive sectors, research in the field is characterized by a high level of interdisciplinarity, covering not only purely technical aspects, but also issues of great social and economic importance.

The issue of Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures is increasingly taking a crucial importance for local developments, including its relation to social and environmental issues. The sector is also gaining importance in research and cooperation in international and community programming, and there is a need for a growth of international exchanges in the field and the circulation of good practices. The SubNetwork  aims to gather university departments, researchers and experts from both shores of the Mediterranean, collecting information and involving the key players in training and research on Critical Infrastructures in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

You can find further information on the main objectives of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures here, together with the updated list of members. Shall you want to join the SubNetwork, the online form will remain open and available on the SubNetwork website page for anyone interested in joining in the upcoming months, together with information on ongoing activities and initiatives. Participation to the SubNetwork is limited to UNIMED associated universities.