February 27, 2024

Supporting Gaza’s Students and Universities, the TESI Initiative | How could you contribute?


The An-Najah National University, in partnership with UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union and the Palestinian Student Scholarship Fund (PSSF), has launched the Technical Education Support for Higher Education Students Initiative – TESI aiming at empowering Gaza students to complete their university education remotely as visiting students for a limited period, with no financial burden on the students or their respective universities.

What Gaza is witnessing today is a massive destruction of cultural, historical, and academic properties – including universities, schools, libraries, and archival institutions.

The educational landscape is at the core of this destruction, as the ongoing war is depriving about 608,000 students of their right to school education and has halted the education of over 90,000 university students. Additionally, 17 individuals holding the title of professor, 59 with a Ph.D. degree, and 18 with a master’s degree were killed, devastating the academic backbone of Gaza’s universities.

An-Najah University, UNIMED and PSSF invite local, regional, and international universities to join TESI initiative and provide essential educational support to Gaza students.

The full initiative is illustrated in the document here below

By filling in this form you can indicate how you can contribute in supporting this initiative.

For more information, please write to unimed@uni-med.net