March 1, 2021

The 50th Anniversary of UNESCO’s Man & Biosphere Programme. Discover how the EduBioMed project contributes to the sustainable connection between people and nature


This year marks the 50th Anniversary of UNESCO’s Man & Biosphere Programme. UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme was created in 1971 with a vision: promote a sustainable connection between people and nature.

This celebration is meaningful for the EduBioMed project which aims at strengthening, ameliorating and upgrading academic activity at four Moroccan and Lebanese Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the context of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves (BRs), in collaboration and through networking with Biosphere Reserves’ (BR) stakeholders (citizens, visitors, managers and technicians), public administrations and EU Partners.
UNIMED, as partner in the project, has interviewed Mrs. Catherine Cibien, Director of MAB France and partner of EduBioMed project, and she helped us clarifying what a Biosphere Reserve is and why a project like EduBioMed is important.

Among the project’s activities, students and researchers of the partner universities are carrying out cases study researches and mobilities within the Biosphere Reserves in Lebanon and Morocco highlighting the importance of a sustainable connection between people and nature.

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