March 8, 2023

The International Water School starts in March 2023


The International Water School, a hub of training, research and development activities in the field of water management, has the objective to create an accessible space that will allow experts, technicians and managers from all around the world to learn about the most recent technical innovations and to translate them within concrete projects in their own countries.

This school was launched among the initiatives of the recent Memorandum of Understanding signed among Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A., CIHEAM Bari, Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), Politecnico of Bari, CNR-IRSA and UNIMED.

The signatory institutions, partners of this initiative will cooperate in training, research and development in each of their fields of expertise.

The initiative is promoted on the UN website and is available here with all the relevant information about the SDGs it is in line with and the first appointments.