March 8, 2021

The InterregMed Sustainable Tourism Community: the catalogue of projects outputs and policy targets is out!


The Sustainable Tourism Community, in which UNIMED is a partner, has published its Catalogue of projects outputs and policy targets. This catalogue presents the most important outputs of the projects implemented within the Sustainable Tourism Community. In total 35 outputs have been identified representing 15 projects.

The selection of outputs was made on the basis of better promoting common integrated actions that could boost the sustainable and responsible development of coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean region.

The ultimate goal of this catalogue is to promote the outcomes of the Sustainable Tourism Community in order to assist their transferring to different areas of the Mediterranean and incorporation in tourism-related policies at various spatial scales. You can find the catalogue of the projects outputs here.

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community is the biggest of the Thematic communities co-funded by the Interreg Med Programme. From 2016 to now the Interreg MED Programme has co-funded 22 modular projects on Sustainable Tourism and two strategic projects, BEST MED and SMARTMED.

Currently 7 projects are still ongoing and together with the past projects, they strengthen the representation of Mediterranean coastal areas inside the Community and facilitate the transferring process of the projects’ results to the entire Med area.

To know more about the ongoing projects and the strategic issues they tackle, you can read this article.