June 24, 2016

The Med-Mobil short mobility: Share experience visit to IRO in Palestine


In the framework of the ENPI CBC MED Med-Mobil project, a “Share experience visit” for Italian Universities International Relation Officers (IRO) took place in Palestine from 11th to 17th June 2016. International Relation Officers (IRO) from the University of Bologna, the University of Calabria and the University of Messina participated in this mobility and exchange experience with Palestine Ahliya University College in Bethlehem, Birzeit University, Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, An-Najah National University in Nablus and the University of Bethlehem.

The “share experience visits” allow the staff from the International Relations Offices to meet and knowing more about the functioning of the Palestinian Higher Education Institutions, always with the perspective of reinforcing current collaborations, agreements and projects and to establish potential future ones.

This mobility was highly reported in the local press in Palestine, as reported in the links below:

– Ptuk: http://ptuk.edu.ps/earticlepage.php?artid=1825&catd=17&en=en
– An-Najah: https://www.najah.edu/en/academic/academic-news/2016/06/15/an-najah-receives-a-delegation-from-unimed/
– An-Najah (Arabic): https://www.najah.edu/ar/academic/academic-news/2016/06/15/jm-lnjh-lwtny-tstqbl-wfdan-mn-l-lqt-ldwly-mn-jm-t-ytly/
– Al Quds Newspaper (in attachment)

The Med-Mobil project

The ENPI CBCMED-funded Med-Mobil project intends to create a framework of cooperation aiming at facilitating the exchange of students, professionals and young entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean area by supporting future regulations and improving and consolidating existing programmes and initiatives. The project will also serve to tests 192 short mobilities in the Mediterranean region. For further information, please find here the leaflet of the project and visit the website: www.medmobil.eu


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