October 5, 2023

The MED guide for sustainable explorers


The Interreg MED Programme has published the “MED guide for sustainable explorers”. The document highlights the outstanding achievements of its 14-20 Thematic Communities and projects, showcasing the collaborative efforts of 13 European Mediterranean countries.

This guide focuses on some of the tangible results of the projects including methodologies, studies, and strategies, which have the potential to drive positive change.

As UNIMED we have participated in the consortia of three of the previous Thematic Communities of the Interreg MED programme (Biodiversity Protection for the period 2016-2019, Urban Transports for the periods 2016-2019 and 2019-2022 and Sustainable Tourism for the periods 2016-2019 and 2019-2022).

In this new programming period, we are continuing our journey in the framework of the Mission on Sustainable Tourism.

Have a look at the Sustainable practices and results achieved by the projects of the previous programming period.