February 5, 2015

The new Pro-Green Diploma Program has been launched!

In the framework of the TEMPUS project PRO-GREEN-Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies , the new Pro-Green Diploma Program has been launched.
It aims at producing a unique and focused diploma program that caters for professionals aspiring to enhance or complement their technical and decision-making skills in green technologies or progress in green businesses in the areas of energy utilization, (building design, construction, and management systems, and sustainable and safe water production, water management and waste water treatment.
 The curriculum will be delibered at universities in Egypt and Lebanon and the courses offered by the program will also be recognized by partner universities from Europe, in addition to those from Lebanon and Egypt.
The target beneficiaries of this project are university students and working professionals in fields related to engineering, architecture, science and information technology who want to further develop skills in the growing sector of green energy. This certification program will provide them with the competency to compete in a growing “green” market economy. It will be the first of its kind in the Middle East.
The course is divided in:
1.Core Courses whose aims are to provide students with a wide range of topics related to policy, law and market economics as well as related to green technologies applications and system approach to sustainability and management. http://www.progreendiploma.com/Courses/Core-Courses.aspx
2.Energy Specialization Courses dealing in particular with, among others, Solar Radiation and Electricity, Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy Processes & Technologies, Biofuels etc. http://www.progreendiploma.com/Courses/Energy-Specialization-Courses.aspx 
3.General Green Building Modules: This course centers on issues surrounding the integration of sustainable and passive design principles, into conceptual and practical Building design. Topics will include: solar geometry, climate/regional limitations, natural lighting, passive design and sustainability initiatives, insulating and energy storing material. Bioclimatic design and concepts. http://www.progreendiploma.com/Courses/General-Green-Building.aspx
4.Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Modules: the course will analize the Building Management Systems, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for Energy Efficient Acclimatization, and Heat pumps and innovative methods to improve performance http://www.progreendiploma.com/Courses/Mech-Elec-Engineering.aspx
5.Water Specialization Courses: This course offers an introduction to the instrumentation trade as it applies to the day-to-day operation of water/wastewater treatment plants. Topics discussed include types of instruments and control equipment, process measurement and control principles, terminology, design and control systems documentations, operators training and trouble shooting techniques. http://www.progreendiploma.com/Courses/Water-Specialization-Courses.aspx
The course is opened not only for the students coming from the Universities members of the project but also from the other Egyptian and Lebanese ones. This is an unique opportunity for the students that are already graduated to improve their knowledge and skills.
Admission are opened till mid-October.
The course Classes (online and blended) are slated to begin November 5, 2014.
Completion of this diploma program will allow the professional student the strongest foundation to start or further his/her career through developing successful strategies for implementation of green technologies in the areas of energy utilization, building design, construction, and management systems, and sustainable and safe water production, water management and waste water treatment.
The tuition fee is set $300/online credit hour offered for the initial year of the Program for the online diploma. Total cost of the diploma it would be around $ 5400,00.
Should you be interested in participate in the course, please write to: unimed@uni-med.net