December 7, 2023

The SubNetwork on Art Studies is official!


UNIMED SubNetworks are growing: UNIMED has recently launched its new SubNetwork on Art Studies

The opening of the SubNetwork on Art Studies, coordinated by the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy, has as its main purpose the development of relations among the Faculties of Art of the universities in the UNIMED Network. It will be possible to build research paths in a field of study that manages to bring together various themes, subjects and practices.

Under the umbrella of this SubNetwork, we aim to promote collaboration within traditional disciplines such as painting, sculpture, engraving, design, and new technologies such as photography, video, and multimedia; new digital arts and web design; artistic performance and set design for TV, movie, and theatre; fashion and the ever-evolving connection with scientific research.

The main objectives of the SubNetwork are:

  • Facilitating and encouraging dialogue and mutual exchange of information, in order to create new collaborations, partnerships and develop joint projects;
  • Organizing international events (workshops, seminars, conferences, performances) to encourage better circulation of knowledge and exchange of experiences among researchers and scholars;
  • Promoting the exchange of students and professors, including through the development of curricula and joint courses and seminars for teachers of universities in the sub-network.

You can find further information on the SubNetwork on Art Studies here.

The participation to the UNIMED SubNetworks is for the UNIMED members only. If you are interested in joining the SubNetwork, please fill-out the form available here.

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