January 28, 2021

UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics: a Mediterranean Partnership for Sustainability in Transports&Logistics


A Mediterranean Partnership for sustainability in Transport & logistics means, among other aspects, multiplying the opportunities to increase the awareness on the urgent need to move toward a social, economic and environmentally sustainable transport system of the Mediterranean Community; engaging our universities towards the culture of transport and sustainable mobility in education, research, external leadership and governance of our universities, activating a model for the exchange of good practices and encouraging the development of collaborations between universities and cities, spreading social innovation in the area and providing cultural stimuli for the whole Mediterranean area.

Prof. Giuseppe Inturri from the University of Catania and Coordinator of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics describes in this way the SubNetwork and its objectives at the occasion of the Opening webinar held last January 26, 2021.

Dr. Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED Director, welcomed professors and representatives of 10 Universities from Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Libya and Palestine attending the webinar, giving them an overview of UNIMED, its SubNetworks and the importance of Mediterranean thematic groups of discussion.

All participants talked about their expertise, their work on the topic of Transports&Logistics and their reasons to be part of this UNIMED SubNetwork.

After this first introductory section, Prof. Inturri started a detailed excursus through the critical issues of the Transports in the Mediterranean Region, in terms of accessibility to the cities, road accidents, congestion and air quality, conferming their complexity.

He also payed particular attention to the role and the responsibilities of the Universities. Since Universities are important nodes of mobility generation and attraction, during the meeting it was discussed the possibility of starting the cooperation, within this SubNetwork, from an analysis of the Sustainable Mobility at Universities.

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The Opening Webinar of the SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics represented the occasion for finding a common ground and a joint vision of which will be the topics to be discussed and investigated, and that will allow its members to carry out joint activities and works.


UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics currently counts 18 Universities from 9 Countries.

More information about the UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics is available here.