September 10, 2018

The UNIMED Award 2018 goes to “A Tramway in Jerusalem” by Amos Gitai


The international jury of University students that attended the Venice International Film Festival has given the UNIMED Award for cultural diversity and freedom of artistic expression to “A Tramway in Jerusalem” by Amos Gitai for its artistic value and its ability to depict the current themes of integration and multiculturalism.

The jury stated that “With this movie, we are traveling through multiculturalism, as the Tramway is a link between the complexities of a city and its people. With this political fresco we can feel the desire to depict people’s emotional and
cultural journey. The audience and the characters are reunited in a closed and narrow space that portrays a rich social diversity. Our generation is proud to be part of this struggle and we want to give the UNIMED Award to Amos Gitai as a
symbol of our commitment towards multiculturalism.”

This award was established by UNIMED in cooperation with the Venice International Film Festival as a collateral prize. The award was created in memory of Prof. Franco Rizzi, former Secretary General and Founder of UNIMED, and his life-long commitment to Euro-Mediterranean university cooperation.