March 15, 2023

The UNIMED General Assembly officially started!


Granada, March 15th, 2023

“Universities have a very important role to play in the future of the Mediterranean and in the future of the global peace and security, because Universities generate knowledge and as they generate knowledge, they offer evidence, they offer sound basis for policies and this is extremely important for the decision makers. The political decision makers at national, european and international level should have that evidence available in order to take that decision and for that reason, networks such as UNIMED are incredibly important.”

The UNIMED General Assembly has officially started. The Rector of the University of Granada, Pilar Aranda Ramírez hosting the 2023 edition, opened the Assembly giving the floor to Prof. José María Manzano Jurado, Director of the Escuela Tecnica de Arquitectura and the Institutional representative of the Granada City Hall, Francisco Herrera Triguero. Then moving to the UNIMED Secretary General, Prof. Hmaid Ben Aziza, UNIMED President, Prof. Francisco Matte Bon and Prof. Dorothy Kelly, Vice-Rector for Internationalization of the University of Granada.

“UNIMED has grown, we have reached the number of 150 universities, and I think we need to carry on growing because the world needs networks such as ours. We live in a world where we can see constant tensions between peoples and cultures, and UNIMED as a network can play a very important role . We need to reinvent the world. I think this is more than ever necessary today”, said UNIMED President.

150 participants from 19 countries are registered to attend the event.

This year, the Assembly will also have the ambitious goal of collecting indications and proposals in order to contribute to the work of the first Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting on Higher Education that will take place in Morocco in November 2023.