January 25, 2021

Thematic Webinar on “Neurobiology of Thought” – February 8th, 2021



Sport represents an integral part of people’s lives, being vital to the holistic development of individuals of all age.

Sport brings people together, builds community cohesion, grows social inclusion and disseminates values of mutual respect for human rights, cultural diversity and different religious beliefs.

Sport and a regular practice of physical activity are critical to improve citizens’ physical and mental health, preventing unhealthy conditions and the likelihood of diseases.

Sport and physical activity also impact on local and global economy, employ millions of citizens and generate a huge amount of revenue.

The UNIMED SubNetwork on Sport and Physical Activity organises its 1st Thematic Webinar on Neurobiology of Thought to be held on February 8th at 11 am CET via Zoom.

Thoughts are still a mystery, but they do not remain locked in our minds, they are translated in hormones, that ultimately shape our bodies and health. Different frequencies in our brains are associated with diverse emotions and physiological responses. Neuroimaging is opening new insights on how our minds operate, and new questions make us wonder on what is the mind.

Have a look at the agenda and register here.

The webinar will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Giovanni Frajese, Associate Professor of Applied Medical Technical Sciences at the University of Rome “Foro Italico” and coordinator of the Scientific Council of the World Farmers Organization. He researches in the fields of endocrinology and cancer, focusing on psychoneuro-immuno-endocrinology (PNEI) and how thoughts processing alters hormonal secretion, leading to a condition of health or disease.

If you missed the webinar, have a look here, the entire session has been recorded!