March 28, 2024

UNIMED meeting with Libyan universities | February 2024


“Rebuilding education requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach, addressing immediate needs while laying the groundwork for a sustainable and inclusive educational system. Through persistent effort and collective action with each and every university in Libya, it is possible to transform the educational landscape generating opportunities for generations of learners. As we reflect on nearly a decade of partnership, we are heartened by the progress we have accomplished, yet cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead.” 

With those words, Marcello Scalisi, the UNIMED Director, opened the very first UNIMED event in Libya, held last 21st of February 2024 at the University of Tripoli. His speech was delivered to a wide audience of Libyan colleagues on behalf of the UNIMED President, Kherieh Rassas. The event saw the participation of Presidents, International Relations Directors and delegates of 20 Libyan Universities, members of the UNIMED network. 

The UNIMED event in Libya was co-organised and hosted by the University of Tripoli and saw the participation, besides the member universities, of representatives of the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, H.E. the Ambassador of the European Delegation to Libya Nicola Orlando and H.E. the Italian Ambassador in Libya Gianluca Alberini. The UNIMED delegation was composed by its Director, Marcello Scalisi, and the Project Managers, Raniero Chelli, Anne-Laurence Pastorini and Martina Zipoli.

The event was organized in the framework of the UNIMED visit to Libya. It brought together 60 participants from all the country, and testified, thanks to a very active audience, the engagement of the Libyan universities into the UNIMED activities. Besides the relevance of the event for the network, the presence and contribution of national and European high level representatives shed light on the real impact that collaborative initiatives generate on universities and societies, and on the importance of the European fundings for the country’s future development.

The event was the occasion for promoting cooperation between European institutions and Libyan universities, but also the occasion for the UNIMED delegation to hear the voices of the Libyan colleagues, defining the scenario for the near future. The meeting offered a valuable space for dialogue, where participants shared their needs, proposals, requests and ideas, widening from capacity building to  strategic planning, from the digital challenge to the development of effective communication with national and international actors. A more regular and a strengthened policy dialogue at national level, between academia and decision-makers is also and, perhaps, the most important need expressed. 

The journey towards revitalizing higher education in Libya will continue with the help and dedication of each one of you. It requires persistence, dedication, perseverance, and collective action. Together, let us forge ahead with determination and a shared commitment, knowing that the path to progress may be challenging, yet confident that the goal of a brighter and prosperous Libya is within reach and well worth our collective efforts.” UNIMED Director closed his speech with this commitment for the continuation of the work to be pursued and the goals to be achieved.