December 10, 2018

UNIMED patronage to Aqua Film Festival // Rome, CASA DEL CINEMA 11-13 April 2019


Aqua Film Festival

In 2019 UNIMED patronises Aqua Film Festival, recognizing the value of the issues faced by the first film event that raises awarness of people to the importance of water.

(Rome, 10 December 2018) “THE HUMAN BODY IS COMPOSED IN ITS 70% BY WATER, THE REST IS CINEMA!” Is the slogan of Aqua Film Festival – AFF, the first film competition on the theme of water and its culture. The national and international contest, which will reach its 4th edition in 2019, will take place from 11 to 13 April at the Casa del Cinema – Sala De Luxe. The event will count on the patronage and collaboration of UNIMED which, like the promoter association of the Festival, has been involved for years in activities linked to water issues both at the institutional level (with the academic SubtNetworks Food & Water and BlueMed) and through its project activities (MED Biodiversity Protection Project, MED Sustainable Tourism Project, 5TOI Project).

The aim of the AFF is to attract more the attention of the people on the issue of water and raise awareness about the many problems connected to it: from its scarcity and unequal distribution to waste and pollution of the same. The choice of a film festival, by the Universi Aqua Association, also enhances the skills of those who entrust the power of the image, rather than words, messages aimed at bringing greater awareness on the theme of water and inviting people to make a more responsible use of it. “If water is an irreplaceable and precious resource – the Artistic Director affirms – cinema and audiovisual are irreplaceable resources for the contemporary imagination. Cinema, therefore, can become a vehicle for reflections on the theme of water, inspiring at the same time creativity and narratives. Water flows and nurtures our life, the cinema tells us about our flowing life, whose immediate and sensorial message reaches the public at the deepest, most emotional level “.

The Aqua Film Festival is an event promoted by the Universi Aqua Association, conceived and directed by Eleonora Vallone, actress, journalist and expert in water techniques. For the third time, in 2019 the event will be held in Rome, as it has already been in 2016 and 2018, after the edition of Portoferraio (Isola d’Elba) in 2017, and other stages are planned with dates to be confirmed. For the 2019 edition, in addition to screenings of the films in competition, the program will propose an agenda full of interesting activities from debates to scientific, artistic, health, hydraulic engineering and other meetings with international guests. Historical films and feature films’previews will be screened and there will be a workshop, to learn how to film with your smartphone, taught by university experts in the Sala Volontè and outdoors video-shooting, at the pond of Villa Borghese.

The opportunity to present the works at AQUA FILM FESTIVAL is open to directors from all over the world, who will be evaluated by a quality jury. The festival is also open to the participation of young authors, in particular students of Cinema schools and newcomers, allowing extensive use of new “light” technologies as smartphones. Articulated in an international competition for short films, it will have two main categories: one for short films up to 25 minutes and one for short films up to 3 minutes; while a separate category will be dedicated exclusively to the National and International “Aqua & Students” Universities and Schools, with cortini (very-short) filmed from their smartphone, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. Prizes will be awarded to the best films as well as five Transversal Special Mentions, for shorts or cortini also shot from smartphones, concerning well-defined subthemes: “Aqua & Ambiente”, “Aqua & Isola”, “Aqua & Animation”, “Aqua & Thriller” and “Aqua Film “. During the Aqua Film Festival 2019 edition, the winners of the new competition parallel to the official one dedicated to schools and universities, called “Aqua & Students”, will receive a special mention for each section: “Aqua & Students” National, “Aqua & Students” “International, Special mention: Brother Sea.

AFF4 Premi

You can consult the Aqua Film Festival and the Universi Aqua Association website for detailed information and present your film proposal, as well as for news and updates on the festival program.

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