May 6, 2021

UNIMED’s work on the topic of Refugees and Migrants presented in a conference organised by the University of Zarqa


On the 28th and 29th of April 2021 the University of Zarqa in Jordan organised the “Conference on Pioneering Prospects of Higher Education Systems in the Arab World“.

Among the topics of the conference there were also the specific sections about
• European Union program of academic support provided for refugees
• International experiences in ensuring the quality of higher education

Raniero Chelli, UNIMED Senior Project manager, delivered a presentation summarising some of the most relevant experiences of UNIMED related to the themes of supporting refugees and migrants in accessing Higher Education Institutions in the MENA countries and in Europe.
He shortly presented four major projects in which UNIMED played the role of a coordinator or of a partner, covering different regions:
The Erasmus Plus Capacity Building RESCUE project which addressed the issue of refugees willing to accessing the HEIs in Jordan, Lebanon and Northern Iraq/KRG;
The Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership InHere project which addressed the same issue in European Countries;
The RAISD project, a Horizon 2020 research project addressing inclusions strategies for vulnerable groups in Europe and two MENA countries (Jordan and Lebanon);
The Erasmus Plus Capacity Building CI-RES project addressing the issue of refugees and migrants accessing HEIs In Algeria.

And finally Dr. Chelli introduced the UNIMED SubNetwork on Migration, a thematic group composed by 42 UNIMED associated Universities, as a platform for exchanging information, knowledge and experiences among HEIs with a common interest on the topic.