April 19, 2017

Urban Transports in the Mediterranean: Launch of the Community


Last April 4&5, the Med Community on Urban Transports has been launched at the occasion of the Kick-off Meeting held at the premises of the “Urban Environmental Observatory (OMAU), in Malaga.

The Kick-off Meeting has been the first Networking and Community Building event where the partners of the 6 projects focused on the Thematic on Urban Transports, and gathered by the Community featured by GO SUMP partnership, had the chance to meet and know each other.

The two-day agenda of the event have seen the presentation of the Thematic Community and the challenges of Urban Transports setting up groups of work among the 6 Modular Projects in order to identify their linkages and define a common priorities agenda for the Med Community on Urban Transports.

GO SUMP is the Horizontal Project, which embraces this Thematic Community, aiming at “Improving Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans & Measures in the Med” by sharing challenges and developing solutions for sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean Area.

GO SUMP is a three-year project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the InterregMed Programme. The partnership is composed by Malaga City Council, EUROCITIES ASBL, AMB – Barcelona Metropolitan Area (Medcities General Secretariat), CODATU – Working for sustainable mobility in developing cities, UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union, REC Ljubljana – Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe.

The 6 Modular Projects of the Community are CAMPSUMP Campus Sustainable University mobility plans in MED areas, LOCATIONS Low Carbon Transport in Cruise Destination Cities, MOBILITAS MOBility for nearly-zero CO2 in medITerranean tourism destinAtionS, MOTIVATE Promoting citizens’ active involvement in the development of Sustainable Travel Plans in Med Cities with Seasonal Demand, REMEDIO REgenerationg mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility solutions, SUMPORT Sustainable Urban Mobility in MED PORT cities.

Further information about the project are available here

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