September 8, 2017

Venice International Film Festival: The UNIMED Award 2017 goes to La Villa by Robert Guédiguian


The international jury of University students that attended the Venice International Film Festival has given the UNIMED Award for cultural diversity and freedom of artistic expression to La Villa by Robert Guédiguian for its artistic value and its ability to depict the current themes of integration and multiculturalism.

The jury stated that “the message of the film is conveyed through masterful cinematography, interesting directorial choices and emotional acting.”

They have described it as follows: “A little French town near Marseille, stuck in a nostalgic past, inhabited only by ghosts and a few remaining families, is brought back to life by the arrival of three refugee children. The younger siblings echo their older counterparts, suggesting a link to the past but also a promise for the future. The values of the family hold true when faced with the choice to help the children or give them up to the authorities. It’s their decision to show compassion and humanity that sets the path for the children to grow roots in this new country.”

The UNIMED jury also gave a special mention to Brutti e Cattivi by Cosimo Gomez for “its innovative character and its ability to show the value of diversity. The irony in this work marks a desirable move towards more socially committed Italian comedies while not giving up on fun, aesthetic and technical quality.”

This award, together with its special mention, was established by UNIMED in cooperation with the Venice International Film Festival as a collateral prize. The award was created in memory of Prof. Franco Rizzi, former Secretary General and Founder of UNIMED, and his life-long commitment to Euro-Mediterranean university cooperation.