September 9, 2019

Venice International Film Festival: the UNIMED Award 2019 goes to “Ema” by Pablo Larraìn



During the 76° Venice International Film Festival, an international jury of 16 students coming from UNIMED associated universities assigned the “UNIMED Award 2019” to the movie which best conveys the values of cultural diversity, promotes freedom of artistic expression and encourages cultural exchanges.

The UNIMED Award 2019 was conferred to the movie “Ema” by Pablo Larraín, for its artistic value and its ability to depict the current themes of integration and multiculturalism.

The jury motivated its choice as follows:

 “This movie sheds light on cultural diversity and integration in an unconventional way with technically and aesthetically bold choices. It is a contemporary postmodern concert-film that pushes the boundaries of love, sex and body beyond ethics and social prejudices. Ema is an antihero who, alongside traffic lights and age-old statues, burns down our usual perception of traditional family and gender on screen. Instead, she fights to reconstruct relationships on the basis of unconditional love, freedom and body expression with harsh contrasts between poetry, life and dance.”

Moreover, international artists conceived this third edition’s Award, with an incredible commitment to convey the Award’s messages. The sculpture was created by two artists, Michele Iodice (Italy) and Aleksandar Gligorjevich (Serbia), with the collaboration of the young curator Natasha Radojevic, the Drina Gallery and PDG Arte Commmunications.

To learn more on the UNIMED Award and find out the details of this edition, you can consult the Press release.

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