November 23, 2020

Webinar: Geopolitics of Media and related ethical questions


Date: 23 November 2020

Webinar Description

In this webinar, focused on Ethical standards and digital circulation of news and entitled “Geopolitics of Media and related ethical questions”, the speaker will identify how the geopolitization of the Arab media is affecting their reliability and influencing their ethical standards. An overview of the Arab media scenario will show how the circulation of information has changed in the last years and what is still expected to change in the next years.

Language: Arabic



Zouhir Louassini, Journalist at RAI News

Zouhir Louassini graduated in Arabic Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Tetouan in Morocco, and then completed his studies with a PhD in Semitic Studies at the University of Granada in Spain. He is an Italian-Moroccan Journalist for RAI, he previously worked for the Spanish press agency EFE and for the radio station in Tangier.


This webinar is part of the PAgES webinar series on Cross-Series Cross-Media Journalisms in the digital age.