June 24, 2021

Webinar on Cyber-Physical systems security and resilience, July 14th. Second thematic event of the SubNetwork Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures.


On July 14th 2021, from 10.00 to 13.00 CEST – 11.00 to 14.00 EEST, the UNIMED SubNetwork on Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures organized its second thematic webinar on Cyber-Physical systems security and resilience, organized with the contribution and moderation of the University of Salento and the University of Cyprus.

The UNIMED associated universities involved in the SubNetwok were online to share a discussion on digital, analog, physical, and human components interacting through integrated physics and logic for emergency response and smart services. The webinar wanted to be the occasion for the SubNetwork members to present their research projects, share inputs for collaboration and exchange solutions and outcomes to potential common challenges.

Moreover, the webinar wanted to boost the potential synergies across countries and across the Mediterranean: a number of external stakeholders were invited to share their expertise and experiences of intervention. Stakeholders interacted around a virtual roundtable providing different perspectives and presenting their approaches towards one or another problem.

All in all, many countries were represented among the +40 participants in the meeting: Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Greece, UK, Hungary, Ukraine and Palestine.

The Agenda of the webinar on Cyber-Physical systems security and resilience is available here, while the recording of the session is below.



The speakers of the first session used PPT during their presentations, which stay for your further reference here:

The second session was a dynamic conversation, the main topics being:

  • Challenges about security and resilience of cyber-physical systems
  • Winning tools to ensure security and resilience
  • Public-private interactions and civic-civil education
  • Supporting experimentations in the relation between companies and academia


For further information about the SubNetwork, please check the SubNetwork webpage and reach out to us!