August 2, 2022

Youth, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. The awarded idea of the Start Cup Competition 2022


There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and our project addresses 11 of those 17, either directly or indirectly.

Yasmina Halaby, Norma Saba and Marilyn Kanaan are the winning team’s students of the Third Edition of the Start Cup competition.

Interviewed by L’Orient Le Jour, the three young architects to be, students at the Lebanese Academy of Arts in Beirut, have explained what their innovative idea is useful for. Bio-SoundTech is an electricity generator by reducing noise.

Yasmina, Norma and Marilyn have presented Bio-SoundTech at the Start Cup Competition 2022 “Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Basin” last June 21st.

Organised by UNIMED and the Lebanese University – coordinator of the SubNetwork on Employability – in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie – Moyen Orient (AUF), the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the University of Jordan that has hosted the event, the Start Cup Competition is a focused initiative on entrepreneurship-student in the Mediterranean Countries.

This year in its third edition, the Start Cup Competition was launched in the framework of the RESUME project and it is a contest calling for entrepreneurial ideas developed by students enrolled in Mediterranean Universities. This year, 5 teams of students from Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan have pitched their own business idea and a jury composed by ETF, AUF and UNIMED has selected the most innovative and entrepreneurial idea.

Here the interview with the awarded team.

About the Start Cup Competition

The Start Cup Competition aims to be one of the most important initiatives to be organised in the framework of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability, launched as part of the RESUME project, a European Union project funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Building program, whose objective was to promote cooperation between members on the theme of entrepreneurship and employability, through the collection of information and initiatives, through ongoing projects and partnerships already undertaken or in the process of definition, with university departments, research centres, researchers, professors, international experts, entrepreneurs, policy makers.

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