March 19, 2024

Call for papers for the International Conference “Europe and the changing Mediterranean” | Deadline April 30th, 2024


Within the framework of the International Conference “Europe and the changing Mediterranean: policies and research agendas for culture, heritage, and sustainability”, the project MEDHEUS – Mediterranean Cultural Heritage in EU Policies – launches a call for papers addressing the following thematic topics:

  • European policies for Culture, Cultural Heritage, and Sustainability
  • New European research agendas for the Mediterranean region in the fields of culture, Heritage, and Sustainability
  • The role of culture in the European integration project and relations with the Mediterranean
  • European values, migration, multiculturalism, and cultural diversity
  • Strategies, initiatives, and projects to safeguard cultural and natural heritage in the Mediterranean region (including Intangible Cultural Heritage)
  • Digitalisation of cultural heritage and digital transformation of heritage institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • The challenges of cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean
  • Strategies and policies for sustainable development in the Mediterranean
  • Societal challenges in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region
  • Institutions and initiatives for co-operation in the Mediterranean region
  • Adaptation to climate and global change in the Mediterranean
  • EU foreign policy in a changing Mediterranean

Proposals should be centred on or directly linked to issues of culture and cultural heritage (including intangible cultural heritage and museums), as well as focusing on the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Deadline: April 30, 2024

All the information and the criteria to apply are available at this page.