August 6, 2021

New announcement of admission for the year 2021-22 at the School of Post-Graduate Studies in Archaeology, University of Salento (Lecce, Italy)


The School of Post-Graduate Studies in Archaeology at the University of Salento  announced the public Call for applications for the competitive selection procedure for admission to the next academic year.

The School is one of the foremost schools of its type in Italy. Its lecturers and students can boast innovative fieldwork around the Mediterranean, the Near East, North Africa.

Its curriculum is broad based, extending from Paleolithic to Modern times, and covers not only archaeology, bio-archaeology, landscape studies and ancient  topography, but also art history, numismatics, museum studies and dating techniques. Recent additions to the syllabus include human ecology, cultural heritage management and economics. The School is also actively involved in investigating the effects of environmental change and increasing cultural tourism on our unique heritage.

The School’s offices and lecture rooms are located within the Department of Cultural Heritage buildings, which also contain various specialist laboratories and one of the best archaeological libraries south of Rome. The Department also manages the University’s archaeological museum (MUSA) and the archaeological park in Cavallino. The Department, itself, is close to the centre of Lecce, whose Baroque old town is famous all over the world. In fact, much of the School’s fieldwork, which gives our students valuable experience, is concentrated in and around Lecce.

This is the Salento, the heel of Italy, and geographical centre for cross-cultural links between East and West, North and South, and, in particular, with Greece and the Balkans.

Three curricula are currently active: Prehistory and Protohistory; Classical Archaeology and Medieval Archaeology. The duration of the course is two years (120 ECTS). The course is taught in Italian.

The call for applications is available here

Applications for the competitive selection procedure must be made within and not after 12:00 (Italian time) on 8 October 2021