October 27, 2023

Refugee Higher Education: the Global Newsletter of the UNHCR. Have a look at the highlights and updates regarding Refugee Higher Education


The Second Edition of the Global Refugee Higher Education Newsletter 2023 is out.

It reports the most recent highlights and updates about initiatives, partnerships, and opportunities regarding refugee higher education, as well as relevant resources and information on upcoming events.

With the 2023 Global Refugee Forum coming up in December, the UNHCR wants to recognise the contributions of all partners and stakeholders working to achieve the goal of 15 percent enrolment of refugees in higher education by 2030.  The UNHCR invites to submit initiative, innovation, commitment or contribution to the 15by30 Global Pledge on Refugee Higher Education and Self-reliance.  In this newsletter issue, concrete instructions are provided on how to contribute to this multi-stakeholder pledge that will be publicised in a review of all contributions to 15by30 in early 2024.

In this issue it is present the contribution of the Ci-RES project on the topic of Refugees and Higher Education. Ci-RES – Création de Capacités institutionnelles d’Intégration des Réfugiés dans l’Enseignement Supérieur – was a CBHE project of the Erasmus+ Programme, coordinated by the Algerian University of Sétif 2 – UNIMED member – and where UNIMED was a partner.

You can find the Newsletter at this link.