July 11, 2023

Scholars at Risk has launched a new application platform for individuals seeking SAR assistance


Scholars at Risk works to protect threatened scholars and promote academic freedom around the world.

It has recently launched a new application platform for individuals seeking SAR assistance intended to help determine whether SAR is able to provide direct support.

The new application has been necessary due to the higher number of applications they are receiving in recent years. And in light of the large number of applications they receive from those who are not eligible for SAR support, they aim to provide more upfront clarity on SAR eligibility criteria to aid everyone seeking help (and to redirect those who are not eligible to the list of Alternate Resources maintained by the team.) 

One key feature of the new application is an Eligibility Questionnaire which allows candidates to quickly determine if they are eligible for SAR support before embarking on a full application. 

How the platform works

Accompanying the new SAR application is an Applicant Guide which shares essential pre-application information with individuals applying for assistance, including SAR’s Eligibility Criteria and a list of application materials that will be requested during the process so that applicants may prepare.

For members already in touch with individuals they wish to host, and seeking to nominate these candidates for SAR review, the platform includes a feature to allow such nominations through the form. In order to nominate a candidate for SAR review, please select “I am a SAR member or representative of a higher education institution nominating an at-risk scholar whom I wish to host at my institution” in the Eligibility Questionnaire.

About Scholars at Risk

SAR is an international network of institutions and individuals whose mission it is to protect scholars and promote academic freedom. More information is available here.

UNIMED is a partner of the Scholars at Risk Network.