July 30, 2020

University of Messina – PhD position within the industrial Doctorate in Physics on Optical Architectures for Ophtalmic Applications


The University of Messina offers a 3 years PhD position within the industrial Doctorate in Physics on the theme Optical Architectures For Ophtalmic Applications.

The aim of this research project will be to develop and test advanced optics for ophthalmic applications, based on wavefront optics, aimed at extending the depth of field for the treatment of visual defects such as presbyopia and astigmatism.

Research activities will be carried out as follows: Laboratory activities; Daily and weekly review and discussion of data; Monthly meetings of project status; Bi-weekly call or meetings with the company contact; Support sessions, presence in the laboratory, lessons and insights; Seminars, practicals, participation in workshops / conferences, training in specialist structure.

Expected results: development of specific optical competences in the regional territory for the development of advanced optical systems for ophthalmic applications, creation of university and business laboratories specialized in the characterization of optics for ophthalmic devices.

The call will be opened until the 14th of August.

The call and all the useful details and contacts are available here.