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PRIDE project: Short Stories on doctoral education

In the framework of PRIDE project (funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme), “Professionals in Doctoral Education: Supporting skills development to better contribute to an European knowledge society” – lead by the University of Vienna, started in October 2013 and lasting until September 2016, UNIMED is collaborating in collection of “Short Stories ” on doctoral education from its university members from the network.

The PRIDE project aims at elaborating an alternative approach to administration in the area of doctoral education. Universities and doctoral schools are successful when they not only provide and organize training for PhD candidates and supervisors but they are also professional science communicators and observe the labour market´s needs, monitor and evaluate all activities in doctoral schools, and contribute to the accountability of universities. The PRIDE project brings together a consortium with the aim of collaborating on providing tools to professionalize administrative staff in the area of doctoral education. In the project, the professionalization of administrative staff is characterized by:
• an increase in formal status of administrative positions,
• an increase in the requirements for formal qualification and training to hold specific administrative positions,
• the growth and formalisation of networks.
In order to fulfil its overarching aim, this project will provide tools and guidance in order to support current and future professionals in doctoral education. This will be done through analysis and clarification of administrators´ roles and responsibilities, exchange of best practice in terms of support for doctoral education and the development of workshops and training courses.
Here you can download the “Short Stories” received so far from Birzeit University in Palestine, Carthage University in Tunisia and  from Barcelona University in Spain about good practices carried out on doctoral education that should try to serve as a good practice example for everyone working in the area of doctoral education.

Please visit also the PRIDE project to get more on the project and write to unimed@uni-med.net if you need more information.