Digital Education

Digital education has been at the centre of the higher education agenda for years, and the pandemic suddenly increased the speed at which digital is radically changing education, as well as every aspect of everyday’s life. Nevertheless, digital education in higher education is still seldom a widespread practice, and transitioning to digital education at scale is highly complex even in the best of circumstances.
UNIMED prioritises digital as a means to drive change in higher education, working at the intersection of the future of learning, cultures of innovation, policy frameworks, and human-centered educational technologies across the Mediterranean and beyond.

In line with this priority, in 2019 UNIMED launched UNIMED Learn, an online platform offering open courses developed throughout the activities of the UNIMED network, highlights its dedication to promoting open education and fostering knowledge-sharing across the Mediterranean.

UNIMED joined the UNESCO Global Education Coalition in 2020, a multi-sector Coalition to protect the right to education during unprecedented disruption from response to recovery #LearningNeverStops.


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