Intercultural Dialogue

The Euro-Mediterranean region is characterized by the richness and variety of its cultures, habits, languages, identities and heritage, in a unique mix of diversities, contaminations and similarities among people and countries. Considered as the cradle of civilizations, in more recent times the region has faced economic, political and societal crises and conflicts which have impacted international and intercultural relations.

Higher Education Institutions play a fundamental role in creating and promoting the cooperation and dialogue in the region, in overcoming the existing stereotypes and the fear of the Other and in encouraging joint solutions to tackle together the challenges currently affecting the region.

As a network, and as part of its mission and daily work, UNIMED actively contributes to the creation of connections and synergies among its members, partners and other actors engaged in the region.

Several projects and initiatives are intended to promote the intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region through the international mobility – South-North but also North-South and South-South – of students, researchers, academic and administrative staff, both physical and virtual.

UNIMED is also strongly committed in supporting the fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions among international students, academics and experts on current affairs, sensitive issues and cultural topics, in creating spaces and discussion fora favoring the mutual listening and understanding of peoples and societies, in analyzing the public discourse and media storytelling around cultures and identities, in promoting cultural and audiovisual works and events to sensitize the academic sector and the society in general on the cultural diversity.

Further, taking into account the historical and geographical ties of the Euro-Mediterranean countries with the neighbouring regions, UNIMED is currently strengthening its relations with the Higher Education Institutions and other relevant stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Balkans.

A more integrated, wealthy and peaceful region is possible only through stronger cooperation and a renewed partnership among all the actors and institutions working in the academic, cultural and social fields.

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