University Governance

Higher Education Institutions have become one of the most significant institutions in our society. HEIs contribute to the social and economic development of their respective countries by bringing together new knowledge, critical thinking and human values.
Given the breadth of their goals and the enormous diversity of their activities, higher education institutions are very complex organizations, whose governance has a deep impact.

Governance in Higher Education is related to the organizational structure and decision-making processes that determine the characteristics of each institution as well as its mission, values, and how they relate to the context. Governance refers as well to effective planning, the funding system, institutions roles and responsibilities, and education policies. Higher Education leaders, policy-makers and experts worldwide have called for stronger measures to improve institutional, academic and financial autonomy, transparency, accountability and participation, with the long-term goal of increasing the quality of teaching and research. In particular in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), where the recent political changes and crisis demand reforms, HEIs need to cope with the pressure from governments and from society on how they apply and manage their role and impact as key institutions for the local and global communities.

It is important for Higher Education Institutions in the region to build greater capacity in institutional planning, performance assessment, indicators development, financial management, outreach and internationalisation. Improving shared governance implies to gather around a common strategic vision for the institution, and communication around this vision, the support of the academic community being a key factor in bringing positive changes. UNIMED firmly believes that by reinforcing university autonomy and participation, universities will also strengthen their capacity to ensure responsible governance, to adapt in an efficient way to the social and economic rapid developments, and to integrate elements of innovation in their activities.

UNIMED supports its members in achieving better governance practices, ensuring a constant and fruitful dialogue with the Higher Education Ministries in a more comprehensive perspective, taking into account both the local and national specificities and looking at a regional and international approach, to benefit all academic communities worldwide.

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