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Pro-Green is a project led by the American University of Beirut (AUB). AUB has been awarded a grant from the European Union Tempus Programme to fund the development of a professional diploma program for green technologies in Lebanon and Egypt, entitled PRO-GREEN-Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies. The project started October 15, 2012 and has a thirty-six month time frame.

Brief summary of the project: PRO-Green project aims at establishing a Joint Professional degree in Green Technology. The degree will focus on three vital concentrations, namely:
Renewable Energy
Green Buildings and

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. To develop study program & the curriculum for a Professional degree in Green Technologies

2. To develop the Courses & Laboratories needed for the Professional degree

3. To develop a Life Long Learning courses for a professional degree for SMEs in the green tech. field.

4. To design a scheme for comparability, compatibility and alignment of the developed degrees with Bologna Process.

5. To train partner countries professors<

6. To develop of a platform for blended Learning



American University of Beirut


• American University of Beirut
• Lebanese American University
• Helwan University
• Suez Canal University
• American University in Cairo
• University College Dublin
• Lund University
• Politecnico di Torino
• University of Alicante

Project description:

PRO-Green project aims at establishing a professional diploma program for green technologies in Lebanon and Egypt, entitled PRO-GREEN-Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies. The project started October 15, 2012 and has a thirty-six month time frame.

Through the PRO-GREEN project, partner universities from Egypt and Lebanon will develop a joint/dual diploma for green technologies with a focus on renewable energies, green buildings and water resources. The curriculum will first be piloted at universities in Lebanon and Egypt, with the ultimate goal to be offered in numerous countries and universities across the region. Courses offered by the program will also be recognized by partner universities from Europe, in addition to those from Lebanon and Egypt. The target beneficiaries of this project are university students and working professionals in fields related to engineering, architecture, science and information technology who want to further develop skills in the growing sector of green energy. This certification program will provide them with the competency to compete in a growing “green” market economy. It will be the first of its kind in the Middle East. Five universities in Egypt and Lebanon will offer the degree jointly. The admission procedures, teaching and examination regulations and academic calendars at universities will be carefully matched. A student may register at the location of his choice, but he is automatically co-registered at the other location/s to ensure access to the facilities of all degree-sharing university. Students can benefit from the special strengths of each university by choosing a specialization at any of the different locations.

Objectives of the PRO-GREEN Certificate Program

The green technologies’ certificate program is designed to address the trend towards healthier and socially responsible communities by training professionals on effective ways to develop and advance sustainable energy and water efficiency in production, utilization, storage, and re-use. The program will build on and foster effective e-learning and e-collaboration among faculty in institutions in Lebanon and Egypt with expertise in energy, building, and water through co-teaching and co-supervision of projects in these fields. The certificate program consolidates commitment of top regional institutions to community professional education through creating innovative and relevant professional courses and programs available through flexible blended and online delivery of course material.

The program objectives are:

• To promote a problem-based approach among professionals pursuing careers in green industries and green careers preparing students to meet the diverse and critical skills needed to advance in these areas.

• To develop effective lifelong learning skills among students from different disciplines to develop expertise in green technologies related to applications in energy, water, and building.

On successful completion of this green technology certificate program in any area of specialization, students/trainees will:

• Acquire an in-depth understanding of green technologies relevant to jobs in planning, design and implementation methods for sustainable energy, building, and water technologies and industries.

• Build analysis and hands-on skills needed for development and implementation of green products and processes in the area of specialization (energy, building, or water)

• Develop Life Long Learning skills in the green technologies field. The Pro-Green program emphasizes lifelong learning through problem/project-based learning, including case studies related to real life applications from the participants’ own fields of practice.

• Understanding how economic analysis, policy and regulatory frameworks can help in expanding green technologies’ market.

UNIMED role will be in particular in dissemination of project’s results.

More information on the Pro-Green official website and on the project webpage.

Logo: www.progreendiploma.com