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FOP, Future of Our Past

The extraordinary cultural heritage in the Mediterranean Basin with its fascinating cities rich in history, art, culture and traditions, offers an interesting background for the growth of tourism. Despite the leading role played by this sector, the model of governance developed in the area to date has mostly been focused on coastal resources while important historical centres situated in the inner territories still lack valorisation.
Strengthening and qualifying the potential of the involved areas and increasing their exploitation is the challenge that F.O.P project aims to address by means of a model focused on innovative tourism plans for cultural and environmental heritage. Some selected sites in Italy (Lazio, Basilicata, Campania), Egypt, Spain (Córdoba), Malta (La Valletta), Palestine (Bethlehem), Tunisia (Mahdia) and Lebanon (Byblos), will thus become part of a cross-border network of historical centers in order to mutually strengthen their visibility in the tourism sector. Through the enhancement of these centres, touristic diversification and deseasonalization, and the positioning on broader market segments, the concerned local economies will be boosted and further developed. In addition, a widespread hospitality will also be implemented in Palestine and Egypt in order to stimulate tourism in specific locations with new itineraries including old towns which, despite their value, have never been fully exploited.

Project Acronym
Lead Contractor
Italian Geographical Society, Italy
  • UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy
  • IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange, Egypt
  • European University Centre for Cultural Heritage, Italy
  • Temi Zammit Foundation, Malta
  • Quality Program, Italy
  • Dar Al-Kalima College, Palestine
  • Consorcio provincial de desarrollo economico, Spain
  • City of Mahdia, Tunisia
  • Lebanese University, Lebanon
€ 1.868.764
Project Duration
From 16/12/2013 to 16/12/2015
Project No
Project website
Contact Persons
Carmen Torres, c.torres[AT]uni-med.net

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