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MOBILISE, MOrocco and the EU: strengthening BIlateral Links in Innovation and Science for Economy

The EU and Morocco are fully engaged in a strong and deepen cooperation supported by a high level policy dialogue, and pertaining to multiple sectors including research and innovation. At the institutional level, the Association agreement (1996), the S&T agreement (2003), the European neighboring policy (2004), the new ‘advanced status’ and the program called “To succeed the advanced status” has put emphasis on the consolidation of scientific and technological ties, and are supported by relevant implementation mechanisms and instruments. In May 2011, an institutional twinning program is launched to strengthen and bring closer the Moroccan research and innovation system to ERA. Morocco is highly devoted to reinforce and intensify the current bilateral initiatives and programs in the field of science and technology, aiming to the preparation and definition of joint activities targeting thematic of mutual interest, to improve oriented industry based on S&T cooperation between EU and Morocco, to set up joint collaboration and networking of technical platforms and research laboratories.

Project Acronym
European Commission, FP7-INCO
Lead Contractor
Association R&D MAROC, Morocco
€ 749.999,83
Project Duration
From 12/10/2012 to 11/10/2015
Project No
Contact Persons
Marcello Scalisi, m.scalisi[AT]uni-med.net; Silvia Marchionne, s.marchionne[AT]uni-med.net