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SAFE, foSter cooperAtion For improving access to protEction

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SAFE aims to foster the collaboration between stakeholders at a transnational level in order to develop and improve access to protection through private sponsorship schemes and complementary pathways for beneficiaries of international protection.

The long-term effect sought is an increase and recognition of complementary pathways as means of refugee protection within the EU member states. This could be achieved through the mobilization in PSS (private sponsorship schemes) of new actors and more resources. With this in mind, the project seeks to foster better knowledge among operators of their different operating modes; share understanding of issues related to the development of PSS; improved articulation of the actions carried out by the operators with public policies.

In France and in Italy, these private sponsorship schemes have developed over the last years and enable to welcome in a safe and legal manner persons in need of international protection. This project enables to strengthen and expand this European dynamic in these two countries thanks to exchanges of practices, capacity building, and creation of tools to develop new models of legal pathways with sponsor organizations, including new sponsor organisations, and their members.

This project is based on the experiences of several Italian and French organizations in the reception and the integration of persons in need of international protection, the development of legal pathways on different criteria (vulnerability, family, education) and catalyses this extensive knowledge and expertise to reinforce existing schemes and inspire new organizations to engage.

On the longer term, the aim is to provide knowledge, lessons learned and tools for new Italian and French actors to develop private sponsorship program to foster the integration of refugees, but also to invite new member States and related organizations to engage in this European dynamic.

Project Acronym
Asylum and Migration Integration Fund (AMIF)
Lead Contractor
Forum Refugiés, France
  • Croce Rossa Italiana, Italy
  • Croix Rouge française, France
  • Federation de l’Entraide Protestante, France
  • Federazione delle Chiese evangeliche, Italy
  • Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, Canada
  • OXFAM Italia Onlus, Italy
  • Unione delle Università del Mediterraneo – UNIMED, Italy
Associated Partner
 906.626,95 EUR
Project Duration
From January 2021 to January 2024
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