The security and resilience of society, its infrastructures and territories is today a scientific, technical, social and economic issue of considerable importance and relevance. Resilience, understood as the ability of our society – and its infrastructures – to respond to changes, such as those linked to climate modification, and to destructive events, such as explosions and industrial accidents, earthquakes, attacks, as well as events that destroy various supply chains, such as pandemics, wars, is a theme associated today with the other great issue of our times, sustainability.


These are central issues for the Mediterranean, which can only be addressed and resolved with a dialogue between the various communities and the various countries.The “structural fragility” of the territory of the Mediterranean countries represents a decisive issue on which to reflect in order to define new methodologies for an integrated approach to the project and care of the territories.


The research therefore intends to represent the state of critical infrastructures, the main socio-political, climatic and structural factors, which can put safety of critical infrastructures at risk, in order to highlight priority areas of intervention both for their protection and for resilient management of a possible emergency. As regards the geographical area of the research, we intend to start from the open data relating to critical infrastructures available in Italy and Europe and then broaden the research by including the higher education institutions that are members of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures.

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Verso l’adozione di nuovi modelli e approcci di collaborazione tra le istituzioni e gli stakeholders per la resilienza dei territori e la sicurezza delle infrastrutture critiche, come ulteriore elemento del dialogo regionale Euro-Mediterraneo



€ 10.000,00


Fund for research by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Duration

Start Date: October 1, 2023
End Date: June 30, 2024

Contact Person

Marcello Scalisi