BIOTECNO aims at contributing to the level of internationalization of the Sicilian higher education systems with partner countries involved in the project, at leading the promotion of international opportunities and mobility for education and training purposes, at sharing good practices and at strengthening the collaboration, contacts and exchange of knowledge with the countries of the Mediterranean basin (namely Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia), for the improvement of the key competences in life sciences with the joint design of an innovative one-year vocational training course in cellular and molecular biotechnology based on the needs of the territories involved.
Through the planned activities and the organization of workshops it will be possible to allow and facilitate the continuous exchange of ideas and good practices and also to strength scientific skills in areas such as cellular and molecular bio-technologies, anatomy and molecular histology, applied biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and neurobiology. In addition to scientific skills, the project also aims to develop modules for the enhancement of transversal skills on business creation and business plan drafting but also on sustainable bio-technologies and technological innovation.

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Full Name

Internationalization of didactic paths in BIOmedicine: design of a training course in cellular and molecular biotechnology



PO-FSE Sicilia 2014-2020

Project Duration

Start Date: June 1, 2021
End Date: March 31, 2023

Contact Person

Federica Li Muli