Libya is undergoing a phase of dramatic changes with an inherent instability, which will hopefully find a positive solution in the near future, but the Libyan University system is struggling to enhance its presence on the International Scenario in order to exploit in full its high potential in terms of knowledge and capabilities. In order to do this, the role of the International Relationships Offices is absolutely crucial and for these reasons the ENROL proposal was submitted with a wide participation of Libyan Universities.

Its specific objectives were:
• To bring the participating Libyan Academic Institutions closer and closer to their European counterparts in order to strengthen the cooperation and the exchange of mutual benefits. This main objective was articulated in the following sub objectives:
• To enhance the internationalization capabilities of the International Relationships Offices of the involved Libyan Universities;
• To develop the networking among Libyan Academic institutions so as to maximize the synergies between them and the sharing of knowledge and experiences regarding the internationalization process;
• To improve the operational functioning of the IROs by strengthening the Quality Assurance and the financial management so as to guarantee better results of operations.
Its main expected outcomes were:
• Increased performances of the International Relationships Offices (IRO) thanks to the extensive training which will be delivered to the staff;
• The IROs are networked and therefore the take advantage of the synergies coming from knowledge sharing;
• An e-learning platform with on line courses on the functioning of IRO and an online knowledge base are available to all interested parties;
• The Administrative and quality assurance systems of the target Libyan Universities are in place;
• Hence the main impact expected was in terms of an enhanced presence and connection of the Libyan Universities on the European scenario.

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Full Name

ENROL – Empowering and Networking the International Relationships Offices of the Libyan University System


€ 711.533,00


Erasmus+, KA2 – Capacity building in the Field of higher education

Project Duration

Start Date: October 15, 2015
End Date: October 14, 2017

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Contact Person

Raniero Chelli r.chelli@uni-med.net