Migration is one of the main critical issues afflicting Libyan society for many years. The result is a humanitarian disaster, in terms of deaths, detentions, and abuses people are constantly exposed to. Long-term effects are frightening: security and health issues, social and economic consequences of a disaster which also involves many minors and women. The mismanagement of illegal immigration is the context of this proposal and calls on the social responsibility of universities to make their contribution.

The HGRA project aims to enhance management and studies on migration issues in Libya. The topic is rarely addressed by the academia and faculties offering courses, trainings or research on the subject are practically non-existent. HGRA aims to strengthen the awareness of the academic community on the medium-long term effects of the crisis and build the capacities of HEIs in structuring an adequate educational offer in this regard.

A deep knowledge of a phenomenon is the first step to control and manage it. The project aims to establish an observatory where to massively collect data and relevant information, and to use such data for developing solutions to reduce its negative effects and benefit from its advantages.

A Hub will develop policy recommendations to be addressed to key actors involved in the management of the migratory phenomenon. Focused trainings will be delivered to build the capacities of the academic staff of Libyan universities. The aim is to provide beneficiary universities with the tools to structure their own academic teaching modules in the field, suitable to train professionals to be employed in the sector.

Technical support and on-the-job training will target beneficiary universities to elaborate a tailored made teaching proposal adapted to the Libyan national context. HGRA will play a role in establishing educational programs on migration studies in the near future to address the migratory crisis locally and from its roots.

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Full Name

EnHancing manaGement and studies on migRation issues in LibyA



€ 798.552,00


Erasmus+, KA2 – Capacity building in the field of higher education – Strand 2

Project Duration

Start Date: February 1, 2023
End Date: January 31, 2026

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Contact Person

Raniero Chelli r.chelli@uni-med.net