SO-UNI Alliance

The project has as its general objective the strengthening of the internationalization of research and training activities with the four target countries, through the promotion of cooperation activities, knowledge exchange and good practices. The project has the specific objective of creating a digital platform that connects UNIPA with the universities of the partner countries using innovative digital tools for sharing research and training activities, in close connection with civil society and the productive world, in line with students’ needs and their professional opportunities.
The SO-UNI Alliance project is based on the involvement of teachers, young researchers and students belonging to different Departments of the partner universities in the humanities, technology and scientific areas. These areas are coordinated by four UNIPA Departments: Cultures and Society, Engineering, Economics, Business and Statistics and Humanities. SO-UNI Alliance will adopt the South-South cooperation methodology focusing on the empowerment and on the transformation of individual and collective practices for the improvement of institutional performance. Moreover, through mobility activities, the project intends to promote a capacity building action in the South-Mediterranean area that combines the South-South cooperation strategy with the integration model of European Universities, to facilitate the deepening of cooperation between the higher education institutes involved through the sharing of resources, activities, skills, data and infrastructures.

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Full Name




PO-FSE Sicilia 2014-2020

Project Duration

Start Date: July 1, 2021
End Date: March 31, 2023

Contact Person

Federica Li Muli