February 22, 2024 

Green Innovation and Employability in the Med through the Triple Helix | A study launched by the UfM and conducted by UNIMED. Report available


The study aims at mapping and assessing existing policies and instruments that facilitate access to the employment of graduates and researchers in the Mediterranean region and at highlighting how to support the development of a sustainable and green economy through innovation research and regional dialogue.

Its goal is to support the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) in analysing and evaluating strategies, policies, programmes and key projects in three pilot Med countries – Jordan, Italy and Tunisia – by assessing their socio-economic impact, gaps, and bottlenecks, and championing a shift towards sustainability through the triple helix model of innovation.

For the purpose of paving the way for regional actions, the study has selected and focused on these three UfM Member States, and has been crafted through a co-creation approach with the key support of national focal points, along with the regional and national steering committees.

Desk research, interviews with national and regional stakeholders and roundtables in each target country, have been organised in cooperation with the relevant institutions.

The study sets forth detailed country analysis with a focus on green transition policies and tools, complemented by a wide range of inspiring and scalable practices at national, regional and Euro-Med level. Country-specific recommendations were designed to address national challenges.

At the end of the research and consultative process, a number of common themes and recommendations for the Euro-Mediterranean region were also identified, with the aim of enhancing employability in the region. 

Union for the Mediterranean – page for the Report