January 22, 2024 

Mediterranean Intangible Heritage Sounscape: UNIMED Podcast


Mediterranean Intangible Heritage Soundscape has been launched in January 2024.

From an idea of Prof. Paolo Scarnecchia, responsible for the UNIMED Music sector, the Podcast is a journey in the Mediterranean Soundscape.

“Poking around the Mediterranean, this podcast gives voices to researchers, scholars, performers and artists who are digging through its rich intangible cultural heritage with music and poetry always in mind.” 

Paolo Scarnecchia, author of the podcast, in each episode meets experts, performers and artists who will present the musical traditions, passed down from generation to generation, and influenced by migrations, history and people all along the centuries in the Mediterranean region. In this journey, we will also explore how this heritage continues to evolve nowadays.

Some episodes are in English, some episodes are in French.

The Podcast is available on Spreaker.

Disclaimer: Mediterranean Intangible Heritage Soundscape is a podcast by Paolo Scarnecchia, produced by UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union. Musical works included in the Podcast are used for purpose of illustration for teaching, and not for commercial purposes.

Mediterranean Intangible Heritage Soundscape | Episodes’ list

All is not lost. Aleppo’s musical tradition in space and time.

This episode will let us travel in the Syrian musical tradition, and in particular in the Aleppo’s ones.

Jonathan H. Shannon, interviewed for this episode, traces an historical excursus in the traditional music ending up in the contemporary Syrian scenario affected by the war and consequent migrations.

Discover more about the episode, the expert and the discography here.

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Longing and lost love. The Sevdah urban song of Sarajevo.

This episode will let us travel in the SBosnian musical tradition, and in particular in the city of Sarajevo.

Unrequited love is the fuel of the melancholic fire that burns in the heart of the Bosnian urban song of Sarajevo. Damir Imamović, interviewed in this episode, is a new generation singer and composer with a deep knowledge of the traditions of this heritage that represents the sounding soul of the city.

Discover more about the episode, the expert and the discography here.

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About Paolo Scarnecchia

Responsible for the UNIMED music sector, Paolo Scarnecchia has taught History of Music and History of non-European Music in many Italian conservatories, and has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, the Suor Orsola Benincasa University Institute of Naples, and Sapienza University of Rome.

He counts an active participation in international conferences, in Italy and abroad, on the musical culture of the Mediterranean region and in particular of the Near East. He has directed festivals and international music festivals and collaborated with several magazines.

He never stopped writing for Il Giornale della Musica and producing radio programs, dealing nowadays mainly with Early Music.

Among his publications it is worth mentioning Popular music and cultured music – Enciclopedia del Mediterraneo, Jaca Book 2000 (also published in Spanish, French and Arabic).