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Release of the DAFI Annual Report 2018 – Refugee Student Voices

UNHCR’s higher education scholarship programme, DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative), plays an integral role in enabling refugees worldwide to access higher education.

DAFI published its 2018 DAFI Annual Report: Refugee Student Voices and a press release on the report urging for more support to boost refugee access to tertiary education.

With the very generous support of the German Government and private partners such as Said and Asfari Foundation, UNHCR and partners were able to support in 2018 6,866 young refugees to study in 768 higher education institutions in 51 countries.

This is the highest annual number of scholarships awarded to refugees since the DAFI programme started in 1992.

In 2018, the programme’s core guidance document, the DAFI Policy and Guidelines, was revised to reflect changes in approach, incorporate good practices and re-emphasize key areas of focus. While the core objectives remain consistent, additional guidance on student monitoring, engagement with national government and higher education institutions, volunteering, skills development, transition to employment, internships and individual student development are further emphasized.

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