The SubNetwork on Employability, launched as part of the RESUME project, a European Union project funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Building programme, aims at promoting cooperation between members on the theme of entrepreneurship and employability and reinforcing the collaboration between Higher Education and Vocational and professional training.
The SubNetwork has a focus on female entrepreneurship and university incubators.
To better respond to the challenges facing the Mediterranean region, in particular the Southern Mediterranean countries, all the actors concerned are called to mobilise and make the most of the policies implemented at all levels.

According to the definition of the International Labour Organization (ILO), “decent work” encompasses four strategic objectives articulated around the central problem of gender equality, full employment and productive employment, the guarantee of rights at work, the extension of social protection and the promotion of social dialogue.
The SubNetwork is therefore aimed at strengthening economic and social cohesion by promoting cross-border, transnational and inter-regional cooperation and sustainable local development.
SubNetwork Objectives
• Gathering and sharing information directly with the main players in the sector, throughout the Mediterranean region and contribute to the creation of a dedicated database;
• Conducting studies, analysis and research papers on the above-mentioned theme;
• Encouraging dialogue and mutual exchange of information to create new networks, partnerships and developing joint projects to spread employment opportunities;
• Organizing international events (workshops, seminars and conferences, summer schools) to improve the flow of knowledge and exchange of experiences between researchers and faculties;
• Promote the exchange of students and professors at master’s and doctoral level, through the creation of programs and joint supervision of courses and through the creation of a series of seminars for the members of the SubNetwork.
Over 3 years the RESUME partners have collected about 300 good practices concerning young graduates’ employability and more exactly about 7 specific topics. To read and consult all the good practices, please go here.

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