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The “Aeneas Route” project: a Cultural Itinerary of the Mediterranean archaeological heritage

The Association “Aeneas Route”, established on 11 January 2018, aims to promote and disseminate the cultural and artistic heritage linked to the myth of Aeneas and the the Aeneid story by Virgilio, which are symbols of the long development of the Mediterranean culture and common European roots.

In particular, it is aimed to promote the “Aeneas Route” Project, as a Cultural Itinerary of countries of the Council of Europe and of the Mediterranean basin focused on archaeological heritage and in the future to play the role of operational tool of its subsequent management.

The countries involved are Albania, Greece, Italy, Tunisia and Turkey.

The Aeneas Route Association has developed collaboration agreements and protocols for the promotion of the Aeneas Route cultural itinerary and the cultural heritage connected to it.

In this context, the Aeneas Route is looking for university partners from the above mentioned countries which are interested in cooperating within the project and contributing to its purposes.

Adherence to the project involves the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association. The text of the protocol can be modified according to the institution that adheres to the project and in agreement with the Association. It can include, among others, carrying out research activities, sharing cultural resources and scientific skills, giving visibility to the project through the communication channels available.

More information on the Association and the project are available at www.aeneasroute.org

Do not hesitate to ask for further clarification or express your interest in joining the project to Prof. Filomena Giannotti <filomena.giannotti@unisi.it>