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The new Progreen Diploma

The Pro-Green diploma program aims at producing a unique and focused diploma program that caters for the professionals aspiring to enhance or complement their technical and decision-making skills in green technologies or progress in green businesses.

Completion of this diploma program will allow the professional student to give the professional student the strongest foundation to start or further his/her career through developing successful strategies for implementation of green technologies in the areas of energy utilization, building design, construction, and management systems, and sustainable and safe water production, water management and waste water treatment.

Classes begin September 2014 at the following institutions:
American University Beirut,
Lebanese American University,
American University Cairo, Helwan University,
Suez Canal University,
University College Dublin

Besides two core courses on Green Economy, Policies and law and on Green Technologies System Approach to Sustainability and Management, there are 55 course modules encompassing 87 total credits.

The diploma degree programs are divided on the following specializations:

Energy Specialization Courses

General Green Building Modules

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Modules

Water Specialization Courses

For further information, please the Project website: http://www.progreendiploma.com/