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The R-SOS Units now operational also in Jordan: the opening ceremony was held in Amman on 24th of April 2019

(Rome, 9 May 2019) On the 24th of April, 2019, in the frame of the RESCUE project a public dissemination conference was held in Amman, Jordan, kindly hosted and organised by the Association of Arab Universities – AArU on their premises. The conference aimed at raising awareness about the existence of the R-SOS Units, providing services for the beneficiary students. A significant number of students, especially Syrian refugees, attended the conference where the project partners invited them to be ambassadors of the initiative within their communities and keep spreading the news.

The main aim of the conference was to create links and cooperation mechanisms with other important stakeholders in the process of supporting refugees and disadvantaged groups. The presence of the Deputy Secretary General of AArU, Dr. Abdelrahim Hunaiti and RESCUE Project Manager Dr. Raniero Chelli from UNIMED, along with AArU distinguished speakers representing the National Erasmus Office, the UNCHR as a major actor in the support to refugees was a sign of commitment of these actors to the project’s objectives. The speech delivered by H.E. Reda al-Khawaldeh – Former Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, presenting the links between migration, agriculture and water management problems and by the top level representatives of the three Jordanian Universities, provided food for thought. The conference represented an excellent occasion for creating awareness among the final beneficiaries about the opportunity offered by the R-SOS units and to forge stronger links with relevant stakeholders in order to guarantee the sustainability of its action and enhance the impact on the society as a whole.

The RESCUE project addresses the problems faced by refugees, IDP’s (Internally Displaced People) and local disadvantaged communities who would like to resume their academic career but, due to their situation, have difficulties in doing so. The R-SOS units opened in the partner universities of the RESCUE project are dedicated offices whose mission is to support the students in overcoming the difficulties they face in accessing the Higher Education System.

After Lebanon and Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government) the main tangible outcome of the project has been realized also in Jordan. The three Jordanian Universities participating in RESCUE, namely  Al-Zaytonaah University of Jordan, Zarqa University and Yarmouk University have completed the preparation phase and the corresponding R-SOS (Refugee- Student Operational Support) units are now ready to start operations. Zarqa University had officially opened a few weeks before the conference, Al-Zaytonaah and Yarmouk University did the official opening immediately after the conference, respectively in the afternoon of April 24th and on the morning of April 25th.

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