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The role of Higher Education and Vocational Training on Employability and Entrepreneurship in the Southern Mediterranean countries @UNIMED General Assembly 2019

A workshop will be held on October 24th, 2019, in the framework of UNIMED General Assembly 2019, addressing the topic of “The role of Higher Education and Vocational Training on Employability and Entrepreneurship in the Southern Mediterranean countries”.


Jointly organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and UNIMED, the workshop is part of a larger collaboration and cooperation with the ETF on employability and entrepreneurship issues, following the creation of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability.

This workshop will be a place for sharing experiences and dialogue, points of view among academic leaders, socio-economic actors, experts and students from the higher education sector, by drawing up the state of the actions already undertaken in the Euro-Mediterranean region, their impact on the universities and to determine their concrete actions for the regional cooperation in this field.

The speakers will share and reflect on good practices, difficulties and prospects to strengthen the connection and cooperation between the private sector, universities and students, in order to better respond to the challenge of employability.

In particular, after the keynote speech by ETF, the workshop will focus firstly, on the role of employers and how it could be enhanced in facilitating policy dialogue with the public sector in skills development. Secondly, the two academic contributions will highlight the actions implemented to enhance employability of university graduates through the experience of the RESUME project and the university mission. Lastly, the session will explore how to join forces to address the challenge from a different perspective: the private sector, the students, the university staff.

This workshop is organised in the framework of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability, launched as part of the RESUME project, a European Union project funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Building program and in a larger perspective of collaboration with the ETF.

The objective of the SubNetwork on Employability is to promote cooperation between members on the theme of entrepreneurship and employability, through the collection of information and initiatives, through ongoing projects and partnerships already undertaken or in the process of definition, with university departments, research centres, researchers, professors, international experts, entrepreneurs, policy makers. To know more about the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability and to join the community, go here: https://www.uni-med.net/en/subnetwork-employability/

The purpose of the cooperation UNIMED – ETF is to strengthen institutional capacities in delivering quality education and training  in the Mediterranean region, enhancing information and knowledge exchanges on themes linked to entrepreneurship and employability, entrepreneurial learning, career guidance, vocational training, promoting policy dialogue and mutual exchanges between schools and academia and other stakeholders, including enterprises, labour market stakeholders and national, regional and international labour authorities, in order to contribute to improve social cohesion and achieve more sustainable economic growth through the reform of education, training, and labour market systems.

Date: 24th October 2019, 02:00 pm – 03:30 pm

Venue: Jean El Hawa Auditorium, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik Campus, Jounieh (Lebanon)

To know the programme of the workshop, download the agenda of UNIMED General Assembly 2019.